Airoh Aviator III

3D video for the launch of the new top-of-the-range off-road helmet of the Airoh brand.
8 Weeks
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The challenge

The main difficulty encountered in the project was to balance the emotional aspect of the video with the need to show the technical specifications of the helmet.

It was equally important to pay attention to details such as the engravings, the labels, the gadget box and other features that make the Airoh helmet a high quality and design product.

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The solution

To meet the customer's requests, Alset Studio has taken great care in choosing the shots and editing the video, in order to create an engaging and informative final product.

In addition, particular attention has been paid to the choice of materials to create visual effects of great impact and realism. The post-production process was long and complex, with careful editing and animation, in order to obtain a high-quality final result.

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The result

The result is an exhaustive video from every point of view: aesthetic, functional, storytelling and animation. All this is combined with accurate sound design and post production.

The strong point is precisely the versatility to which the video lends itself, used and shared on social networks but also as a showcase to show all the functionality of the helmet.

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